Caring for your Simply Elegant Glass Pieces

Our pieces are pretty straight-forward when it comes to care and cleaning! Below is a short guide on our advice in caring for your glass toys from us.

During Use

  • Glass is a solid, non porous medium that is safe to use with all lubricants.
  • If temperature play is desired, glass can be heated or cooled with no risk of damaging the piece. Our glass is made from high quality Schott/Simax borosilicate glass and can safely handle a range of temperatures.
    • Bear in mind the temperature as you warm / cool your piece. You don't want to use a toy that's too hot or too cold as you may injure yourself.
    • A warm water bath that matches body temperature would be an ideal warmth for your toy.
  • DO NOT microwave your toy. Some of the colors may not be microwave safe.
  • Explore your new toy. Keep in mind glass is rigid, unlike soft silicone toys. Take your time and feel what is comfortable.



  • Always keep your toy clean when not in use. Glass’ non-porous surface is sterile and hygienic when kept clean.
  • Glass is safe with all types of cleaners, and cleaning will not change or distort any of the colors.
  • All of our toys are dishwasher safe! Just be sure that whoever is emptying the dishwasher isn't too shocked to find a dildo or butt plug in there.



  • Avoid contact with any hard or rough surfaces as this may scratch, chip or break the toy. This includes stone, glass, crystal, and metal surfaces or objects.
  • Be careful and avoid letting glass toys bump into each other. This may chip the surface or cause scratches, compromising the integrity of the surface layer.
  • Padded bags, foam containers or even a few socks around the toy can help with protecting your piece!
  • While we take great care in our quality control processes and use sturdy materials in producing these pieces, glass is still glass. Make sure the journey isn't too rough and your piece will last a lifetime.
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